Alloycraft J370 (J370)

Alloycraft J370
Motor Size Maximum: 15 Horsepower
Boat Size: 3.40 Metres
Beam: 1475mm
Hull Depth: 530mm
Weight: 60Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 1.60mm
Top Sheet mm: 1.60mm
Transom Height: Short|Long
Persons: 3

Alloycraft 370 is robust aluminium boat. IT has long transom and has capacity for 3 people. This boat works excellent with electric engines or outboard engine up to 15hp. Alloycraft is fully welded without rivets.

Alloycraft J370 fits just as well as rowing boat or motorboat and is a good entry model in boating.

It's a planing boat that works well in smaller lakes and a bit calmer watercourses. This boat is easy-to-handle at launch and also a positive experience to drive as it is very smooth. The chassis is sturdy and fully welded and has floating elements in the tops, making it virtually impossible. Alloycraft is made of marinaluminium, a material that has high corrosion resistance and high resistance to fatigue.

Alloycraft J370 is CE marked by category: D "Protected waters".

1 1.6mm pressed sides 7 Alloycraft extrusion channel 13 Anti slip strip on seats 19 Bow eye
2 1.6mm bottom sheets 8 Bow sprit & roller 14 Anti slip strip on floor 20 5 Year warranty
3 Fully welded hull construction 9 Solid corners 15 Decals 21
4 Bow Seat 10 Large drain bung 16 Level flotation 22
5 Bilge pump bracket 11 Foam filled thwart seats 17 Transducer bracket 23
6 Keel and chines 12 Transom grab handles 18 Motor pad 24