Alloycraft J455 (J455)

Alloycraft J455
Motor Size Maximum: 40 Horsepower
Boat Size: 4.30 Metres
Beam: 1880mm
Hull Depth: 700mm
Weight: 121Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 2.0mm
Top Sheet mm: 2.0mm
Transom Height: Long
Persons: 5 / 400Kg

Alloycraft J455 is based on the same rigid frame as Alloycraft 500. Measures almost 1.90 meters wide and the innovative shape allows the boat to get generous measurements inside. Long-row, sturdy pleasure boat or solid fishing boat, what type are you? Fully welded without a single rivet with a hull thickness of 2.5mm

Alloycraft J455 secures safe driving, as this boat is very stable, providing a safe and well-balanced ride. With a 40 hp engine and three people in the boat you reach about 28 knots top speed, the boat is approved for 5 people. This boat is also expandable with all accessories if you want to change the boat from, for example, standard equipment to fishing boat

Alloycraft J455 is CE marked by category: C "Coastal Water and Intersection".

1 2.0mm pressed sides 7 Electric motor bracket 13 Transom grab handles 19 Transducer bracket
2 2.0mm bottom sheets 8 Alloycraft extrusion channel 14 Anti slip strip on seats 20 Motor pad
3 Fully welded hull construction 9 Bow sprit & roller 15 Anti slip strip on floor 21 Bow eye
4 Bow storage seat 10 Solid corners 16 Anti slip strip on foredeck 22 5 Year warranty
5 Bilge pump bracket 11 Large drain bung 17 Decals
6 Keel and chines 12 Foam filled thwart seats 18 Level flotation