Bluefin 365 CATFISH (CAT0365)

Bluefin 365 CATFISH
Motor Size Maximum: 10 Horsepower
Boat Size: 3.60 Metres
Beam: 1260mm
Hull Depth: 430mm
Weight: 58Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 1.60mm
Top Sheet mm: 1.60mm
Transom Height: Short
Persons: 3

The Catfish aluminium punt is an ideal car topper designed for rivers and calm waters with a pressed bottom and keel making it sturdy yet lightweight.

The Catfish has two foam filled seats which are welded in, a small foredeck and carrying handles front and back. 

The Catfish has solid construction being fully welded with floor and side ribs.

The 3.0 metre is rated to 6hp and the 3.65 metre is rated to 10hp.

11.6mm Bottom & side sheets9Fully welded construction
2Extruded keel10Rowlocks
3Extruded chines11Checkerplate foredeck
4Transom grab handles12Solid corners
5Bow grab rail13Foam filled seats
6Bow eye14Basic flotation
7Drain Bung15Motor pad
8Anchor tie off point163 year warranty

1 Side Pockets 7 Rear rails
2 Rod holders 8 Swiftco 3.60m Skid Trailer
3 Bow rails
4 Front casting deck
5 Rear casting deck
6 Floor between seats