Bluefin 450 VIKING (VIK0450)

Bluefin 450 VIKING
Motor Size Maximum: 75 Horsepower
Boat Size: 4.70 Metres
Beam: 2050mm
Hull Depth:
Weight: 285Kg
Bottom Sheet mm: 3.0/4.0mm
Top Sheet mm: 3.0mm
Transom Height: Long
Persons: 5 / 400Kg

Like their namesakes the Viking range is built tough.

These plate-sided open boats comes with a fully carpeted chine to chine floor with underfloor flotation.

With plenty of floor and side ribs and a proven Eziride hull design the Viking can handle any treatment you may dish out.

Suited to those who like an open floor design with plenty of room for fishing or swinging those crab pots.

1 3mm plate sides and bottom sheets 7 Anchor shelf 13 Cross bollard
2 Side decks fully welded 8 Bilge pump bracket 14 Fuel resistant flotation
3 Carpeted full marine ply floor 9 Transducer bracket 15 Basic flotation
4 Checkerplate foredeck 10 Fully welded construction 16 Motor pad
5 Bow grab handles 11 2 rear cleats 17 Spray chines
6 Transom grab handles 12 2 large bungs 18 Eziride hull
19 5 year warranty

1 Anchor well 7 Rear rails 13 Rear cast deck
2 Side/Centre Console 8 Accessory kit 14 Side pockets
3 Upholstered seats 9 Transducer bracket double 15 Transom step
4 67 L alloy fuel tank 10 Electric motor bracket 16 Bow sprit
5 E;ectric motor bracket 11 4mm bottom upgrade 17 Rod holders
6 Bow rails 12 Front cast deck 18